AnnagramAU is a neurodivergent and disabled content creator and small business owner, that enjoys cosy games and making things with her hands. Anna is AuDHD with Lupus and is part of the LGBTQIA+ and hopes to create a comforting and safe space on the internet.

Established in 2019, Anna started AnnagramAU as a fun hobby to supplement the disability pension. Fun Fact: AnnagramAU’s first commission was Sackboy from Little Big Planet.
(Second Fun Fact: AnnagramAU’s Pokémon plushies were sold at Good Games’ Castle Hill location.)

AnnagramAU has a wide variety of products for you to choose from, with crochet plushies, hand-bound notebooks, dice bags, D&D player books, and all manners of stationery works. She also makes basic overlays, static alerts, logos, emotes and badges, for and other streaming sites.

When AnnagramAU isn’t working on her craft you can catch her playing games on, advocating for invisible disabilities online, or just going off on a tangent that even she doesn’t know where it will end.
Anna streams a large variety of games from Dark Souls, to Animal Crossing, to Cult of the Lamb and you may even catch her making your order live!

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